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Rams for Chatanooga

I have been in quite regular contact with a plant keeper in Chatanooga
TN who would like to join this list but hasn't been able. As a result
I'm posting on her behalf and hope that she gets herself on here as soon
as possible. Her name is Teresa and her e-mail address is TD7894@aol.com
if anyone would like to answer direct. Thanks for your understanding in
The principle thing she is having trouble locating any Rams in her area
and she's also looking for Cacatoos / Apistos. She asked me for anybody
within 24hrs delivery time because of fears about the cold etc. Can
anybody help? Does anybody know of any breeders or dealers in the area?
I suggested Dave(???) Juarez as a supplier (I know he's in CA, but I'd
expect him to be more aware than many of shipping difficulties).
I'll forward any answers to Teresa

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