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Some A cacatuoides questions

I have a group (1M:4F) of A cacatuoides "Red/Gold", and had a few questions 
for the group:

What size (footprint) tank should I house these in?  I would prefer not to 
remove the male after spawning, and I would hope to raise a few fry without 
needing to remove them.  The tank will be heavily planted and/or driftwood 

I haven't heard of the "Red/Gold" variety before -- is this someone's 
clever name for a mixed variety?  Is is a cardinal sin to allow these to 
cross with another variety (double/triple reds, etc)?  Or is there some 
doubt that these are all the same species?  Are these color varieties found 
only in specific locales in the wild (as per many African rift lake cichlids)?

Will these guys be hard on tankmates such as otocinoclus and shrimp (given 
enough room)?

Right now they're in a 15g tank full of Java Fern, Java Moss, and assorted 
other plants.  I've gotta get them in another tank before someone spawns 
and all heck breaks lose.

Thanx much,

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