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Re: Some A cacatuoides questions

hello Brian

I know red/gold is a color variety of Aggies but never heard it used for
Cacatuoides, most likely just a normal red cacatuoides, all have
yellowish bodies and can have red fins or orange or clear fins.   

As to the size tank for a harem of 1 male and 4 ladies, i would not go
smaller then a 20long.   I would recommend a 30 gallon or a 33 long for
that group if you dont want to remove fish after spawning.    A 15
gallon tank would be fine for a pair but too small really for a group
like that.   Females will be rough on each other in a small tank not the
male being rough on the females.

Remember that when you have multiple females in a tank, use more flower
pots for hiding spaces then you have fish, ie 6 flower pots for 5 fish,
then they can pick their hiding spots and there is always an escape
hiding space if chased out of theirs.   I've found this to be a good
thing to do. 

As for other tank mates.   If you really want to breed them and not
remove fish, dont put any other species in that tank.   No sense making
competition out of non species fish.     Of course these are just my
suggestions as to how i would do things and done them sucessfully in the
past and still do them


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