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Re: Some A cacatuoides questions

In a message dated 17/01/01 03:54:52 GMT Standard Time, 
sycophant@ameritech.net writes:

> I have a group (1M:4F) of A cacatuoides "Red/Gold", and had a few questions 
>  for the group:
>  What size (footprint) tank should I house these in?  I would prefer not to 
>  remove the male after spawning, and I would hope to raise a few fry 
>  needing to remove them.  The tank will be heavily planted and/or driftwood 
>  filled.

I had 1M, 2F Cacutoides which bred happily in a 15"x15" footprint section 
divided from a bigger tank.  The fry were fine with the parents for 5 weeks 
(although both females had fry and kidnapped each others).  I always provide 
at least two caves per female and lots of bogwood and plants to break up line 
of sight territories.

This worked for 4 broods and then the dominant female killed the male.  If 
I'm going to breed them again I will probably use a 15"x30" footprint tank.

Alan W

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