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RE: Some A cacatuoides questions

Hello Brian,

I have a pair of A. Cacatuoides in a 20 gallon (24 long) community tank together with 3 Brachydanio Rerio, 3 Paracheirodon Innesi, 2 Rasbora Heteromorpha, 2 Corydoras Aenus and 1 Epalzeorhynchus Siamensis.
It is a heavily planted tank with Java Moss, coconut caves and driftwood (lots of hiding places).
My female A. Cacatuoides regularly spawns, but until recently babies reached free swimming and disappeared quickly.
Two months ago I decided to siphon some of the babies and to put them in a "breeding net" with Java Moss.
3 week later mom had new babies and for the first time managed to save a few of them with the help of dad.
Today I have about 10-15 babies in my "breeding net" ... and at least 5 babies in the tank (hard to say, I'm sure I saw 5 of them).
Last week mom layed new eggs and I might see new free swimming babies very soon. I can't see her for most of the day except when I feed the fishes. It looks like dad is keeping an eye on the other babies.
I think I'll have to move the older babies to my second tank very soon. It's a 15 gallon with 5 Corydoras Paleatus and 2 Ancistrus.


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