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Re: Bare bottom tanks?

One way to get the benefits of both is to use plant basket.  You can buy such
from thatpetplace, or make your own with a butter tub and a awl or small hole
punch.  I have used both are think the commercial basket works better enough to
justify the small expense.

The idea is you put the gravel in the basket and the plant, or plants, in the
gravel.  This allows plants to be there but still allows you to keep the tank
very clean of debris by moving the basket when you siphon the bottom.

Another thing is that snails, which I detest in a display aquarium, are a
valuable addition to a fry rearing tank.  Snail poop is so much easer to
siphon then decaying food.


On 22-Jan-01 Riley39354@aol.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I use both bare bottom tanks, and tanks with gravel and i dont notice a 
> difference. I have a ten gallon bare bottom tank, with a pair of panduro in 
> it, and they are perfectly happy. I like the ease of cleaning the bare bottom
> tanks better. Just a thought. 
> Kevin Riley

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