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Re: Apisto maternal behavior

In a message dated 01/02/01 22:50:26 GMT Standard Time, skohler@entermail.net 

> I'd read/heard that
>  when mom gets in the mood for spawning again, fry will become food. Did you
>  remove the father from the tank? 

I try not to if I can help it - my main breeding tank is in my 'office' at 
home so I am with them most of the day and I can look out for potential 
aggression - usually everything is fine and with most of my dwarfs I leave 
both parents with the fry.  Exceptions being dicrossus filiamentosa where the 
female killed the male and 'first brood' apistogramma norberti where I really 
wanted some fry - 2nd brood will be left with parents to give them a chance 
of natural raising.

Alan W

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