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Re: Multigenerational cacs

In a message dated 02/02/01 01:20:55 GMT Standard Time, lisab@netrover.com 

> I was just curious if anyone else has gotten A. cacatuoides to have 3
>  generations of fry in a 10 gallon tank along with both parents.

I've had 3 broods co-existing in a 12x18x18 section of a larger tank with 
cacutoides, hongsloi and nijsenni although the nijsenni brood 1's were 
picking on brood 2's so their growth was severely retarded.  Not a method of 
breeding I would recommend and if I could I would do almost anything else, 
but when youv'e only got 6 tanks it doesn't take long for tankspace to become 
an issue.

Alan W

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