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Re: A. biteiniata dilema

  Well, my female A. biteiniata has disappeared, and the last time I
saw her (late on the 1st), she was pretty yellow.  I am sure she is
holed away in a pot, or under one of the two driftwood pieces I have in
the tank.  My problem is, which male did she spawn with?
  I have one male biteiniata, but he isn't the dominant male in the
tank, an A. agasizzi type is.  Would these two different species spawn
together?  If fry do come out of this, what are the chances that they
aren't hybrids.  Should I destroy the batch anyway?  I should probalby
remove the agasizzi, shouln't I.

Thanks for your advice.

J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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