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Re: Apisto Agassizii fry question.

Dear Friend:

The ability to feed your young A's the right kind of food this early in their
growth stage is crucial as will the next several weeks be.  My advice would
be at this moment to make a culture of brine shrimp which should take about
24-48 hr. to hatch, and remove the fry if at all possible to a bare tank ten
gallon would suffice. Later you may want to add a small portion of Java moss
as well in the tank so that they may feel secure.

This way while feeding your newly hatched fry, they may stand a better chance
of consuming the baby brine shrimp without having to compete with any of the
other community fish in the tank, and if you any Corridors in your tank you
will encounter this problem while trying to feed them.  Also remember water
quality is just as crucial over the next few weeks as their being feed.