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Re: A. biteiniata dilema

  Thanks Mike.  I have only two other tanks, a 15 gal with a trio of
bristlenose plecos and a 10 gal with a pair of the same.  I alternate
their lighting so that one tank is lit (single 18W fl) at night for the
very reason to provide moonlight for the 35 gal planted apisto tank.  I
would probably move the aggi to the 15, but am not sure about the male
biteiniata.  The 35 is pretty overgrown, and I will probably leave it
that way until the fry are grown a bit (I have some 5 yr. old glowlight
tetras that I'm waiting to get too old).  I'm hoping the cover will
  If this doesn't work, then I'll pull the male next time too
(hopefully the tetras will be gone by then).

Thanks again.

J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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