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Leaving List..

Hi Folks

I have been lurking on this list for a long time, with only the
occasional question ;) and with regret now have to quit the list as I
will be travelling for 6 months or more and then working in the UK for
18 months or more.

Thanks to every one, Mike Wise, Eric, Kathy, and Ken, in particular who
have answered many of my questions in the past.  

I had to sell off all my breeding apistos and last night I stripped down
the last of my tanks. The house seems very quiet with no tank noise
happening.  Because fish love to surprise you, I found 4 very small A
gibbiceps when I dismantled the community tank, that made it to about
1.3cm in size despite 2 huge hungry angels in the same tank, I was quite
impressed with their survival instincts, despite having to madly rush
and find them a home at the last minute.

Hopefully I might manage a trip to a fish shop or two in the UK, as well
as a trip to a river or two in Peru (to look only :(

Last question: is there a list available anywhere that lists apisto's by
location?  Hence if I end up in a river near Iquitos I could check out
what I should find by river name not species name.

Please send any personal replies back to srnicholls@hotmail.com 



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