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Re: RE: decreasing ph

Hello, I am  a complete newbie and the one who asked the question so my 
answer must be taken with that in mind.  Profile is a similar product to 
fluorite but much cheaper.  It is a fired clay product but has no nutrients 
added like I believe fluorite does.  It is sold by Schultz as aquatic potting 
soil or at Wal-mart as soil conditioner.  The only difference between these 
two products being cost and grain size.  The cheaper stuff at walmart is only 
a little smaller in grain size than fluorite.  I got my info from the krib 
website.  It seems that many people on the aquarium plant digest have had 
good results with it.   I want to use it in my new tank set up because I 
would like to find a cheaper alternative to fluorite.  In closing can anybody 
tell me how often to check my PH after reach my target  number, or is that 
something I will just have to play around with?  Teresa 

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