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Re: decreasing ph

> I would love to try some of the 'black turface'.  Any idea where this might 
> be available?
> I've been to the Profile/Turface web-site a few times, but they apparently 
> don't sell from there - or did I miss something obvious?

Scott, thanks for the compliment. Sadly, I don't believe Schultz 
sells from their website, which is a bummer. I sure would! They 
could literally sell tons of the stuff!

I've yet to see a whole bag of black Turface. The sample I had was 
good-looking stuff. Dave Gomberg, the man behind Planted 
Aquarium Magazine (http://www.wcf.com/pam) and an apisto list 
member, sent me the sample. He's located in San Fran. and may 
have found it around that area. 

Dave, can you fill in the missing blanks?

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC

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