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I was surfing the net, like I am prone to do now that I have a cable modem,
for fishy stuff when I stumbled upon  AQUARANK.COM . It is a cool site that
rates various fishy websites. Within aquarank I came upon a site for Aquatic
Foods Inc. They have a special on blackworms, $19.99 for a lb. delivered to
your door. I tried it, and the worms arrived in good shape today (I ordered
yesterday). They ship via Airborne Express.

I suspect that good results can be had as long as we have this beautiful
winter weather! Once summer arrives, I don't know.

If anyone's interested, the phone number for Aquatic Foods is 559-291-0623
(in Fresno, California).

BTW, there are a bunch of other cool fishy sites listed at Aquarank, too!

Joel Antkowiak