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Re: Disease of Rams

This does not sound like a "natural death" to me!
Pop eye is not a disease, just a symptom of the
final stages of some internal infection that ends
in the death of the fish. Labored breathing
usually indicates gill parasites or water problems
(high nitrites or other toxins). I don't know what
the cause is in your case. With Rams, the best
prevention is a month or 2 in quarantine at temps
in the mid 80s F (low 30s C), lots of clean water,
quality food - and hope for the best.

Commercial Rams have a poor history of survival,
but those that survive the first 3 months in a
tank should live for 3 years or more. Yes, like
apistos, Rams in the wild are mostly annual fish,
but this is due more to contraction of habitat
than this being their natural biological life
span. During the dry season the flooded Llanos
shrinks to a few oases. Water quality worsens and
there is an increased number of predator searching
for older (= larger) prey.

Mike Wise

HSIAOTSU@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 2/9/2001 7:53:19 AM Central
> Standard Time,
> sales_info@pacific.net.ph writes:
>> I have this condition wherein my ram will have
>> its eyes swell as if it will
>> pop out and the they become grapping for air
>> and their color begins to
>> darken.  After a few days in this condition
>> the ram dies!  I would like to
>> know what could be causing this and what is
>> this condition?  How could this
>> be treated if there is a treatment?
> This is actually a natural death, observed when
> rams approach 15+ months.
> Rams are virtually annuals in their native
> environment, pools which dry out
> annually.  In the tank, they will typically die
> of old age around 18 months.
> By the time a male develops good color, this
> fish is typically 9 months old.
> By the way, such fish are usually past prime
> spawning age.  Full color fish,
> 1.25" long + tail, are usually 12+ months.
> Willie

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