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Re: Virus Warning - Non fish subject matter

At 07:18 AM 2/13/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Norton 2001 is not picking it up either. Got it yesterday at work, not hard
>to get rid of.

The latest update (2/12) will find it.  This came out pretty late on the 
12th, as I was at work late partly dealing with some problems with this 
virus, and it wasn't out when I left.  I just updated my NAV 7 - the 
Symantec web site is reasonably responsive at this time of night :-)    We 
were expecting another update today, but so far nothing.

This virus is extremely virulent, but not very damaging. At least in its 
current form....

Paul and Meredith Brown

MR2:  "Not the easiest car in the world to work on"

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