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In "lurking" about here and responding to a couple of posts, I perceive that I've made a bit of a faux pas in not introducing myself before posting.
My name is Bob Crosby and I live in Lakeville, MN. While younger (quite a bit - like 40 years ago), I was very active in the hobby and had a real thirst for knowledge of it, aided quite a lot by my mother who had a PhD in zoology. Since then, I've become re-enamored of the hobby through a budding interest shared by my 9 year old daughter.
I find the apistos extremely intriguing and have just gotten Mayland & Bork's book and Aqualog's Southamerican Cichlids II, as well as devouring every back issue of TFH and Cichlid magazine I can get my hands on. I'm planning a 100-125 planted tank for the near future and others as time and space permits.
Sorry if I violated any rules or accepted practice(s).
Bob Crosby