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Re: Double red with worm problems. Help!

hi jaemes,

I just joined this list recently, but i may be able to help as i've had
a run-in with the dreaded camallanus worms in my tanks. They
came in on a wild caught pair of M. altispinosa, and killed
every dwarf in my 80 gallon tank, but didn't infect the bala sharks,
loaches or gouramis also in the tank.

I have a friend who swears by Tramisol for internal parasites...
you must have *really* overdosed to kill your fish, or it could
be that they were already too far gone to save. The nematodes
really destroy the intestines, and a heavily infected fish will not
recover even if the nematodes are killed.

I used liquid Ivomec that i got from my dog's vet. This cleared
up the readily visible nematodes hanging from the anus, but I
ended up putting all the apistos down because they still seemed
to be infected internally because they wouldn't put on weight
and always had shrunken bellies.

Camallanus nematodes are hard to eradicate, and i wish you
luck. I gave up and started over.

danville, CA

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Hello everybody, I have been lurking on the list for about month and have really been
helped and informed by the info so far. Right now the only apistos I have are 4
caucatoides double reds (2 male and 2 female). The males are from a brood that I
raised from a breeding pair that I lost to worms. The worms are why I am writing now.
I have read the info on the krib regarding worms extensively and have tried tramisol
in pill form with limited
success. I have lost 7 fish to the worms and 10 more to an accidental overdosing of
tramisol. I am hoping someone on the list may have some
wisdom to share on how to kill these blasted red worms. Symptoms are, red worm
hanging out of anus, fish is lethargic not eating color is waxy. These worms are
killing only my favorite fish and have me very discouraged any help would be greatly
appreciated. The one fish that is currently infected
is in a 5-gallon medical tank. My main tank is 55-gallon fully planted community tank
with magnum 350 and a 20-gallon trickle. For what it's worth
when I treated the tank with tramisol, I noticed a couple of long (several inches)
very thin and very fragile red worms creeping along the sides of
the tank, wich I of course removed.

Portland, Oregon

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