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Bad manners

All these introductions make my manners look BAD!  I have also been lurking 
and asking/answering questions for the past ... 3-4 months.  My name is 
Bonny Zierk and I am a apisto-holic.  I admit to my disease and have joined 
this group to better my Apisto chances of survival!  ;-)

I have a 75 gallon community tank with misc single horny Apistos, 70 gallon 
tank split 3 ways for breeding, 15 gallon, 40 gallon and a 45 gallon?  Oh 
and a 55 gallon and 2 gallon.  I started my breeding with Rams, Alti's and 
Nanacara's.  Plan on moving to Agazzi's and cacatoides.  All the information 
I get from this group is extremely helpful!  Thank you everyone for your 
help.  Great site Mike wise!

I am living in Wisconsin for anyone who wants to meet, converse, etc!!  I 
look forward to email from this group all the time.  I love reading email 
from the people here!
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