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Re: Belated hello

Hi all,
I guess I should follow suit, quit lurking and say hello.  I started keeping
fish about 5 years ago when my 4 yr old got a tank for his birthday.  The
fish bug bit, and now I am hooked.

I started out with the typical community tank, plastic plants swordtails
corys platies in a ten gallon.  Now I have a 45 gallon and 2 20 longs.  The
45 gallon is a planted community tank.   There are 3 borelli's in there
along with some cories, a pleco, and some tetras.  The 2 20 longs are
planted species tanks, one has a group of nannacara taenia in it, two
females has spawned and I am enjoying watching them take care of the fry.
The second 20 long is destined for another group of apistos, haven't found
what I want to put in their yet, probably something I can pick up at a club
auction :).

I am in the northern new jersey and belong to the North Jersey Aquarium ,  I
am a new member having joined tSocietyhis past november.  I also recently
joined the ACA.

Anyone on who lives in the north jersey area and want to sell or trade
dwarfs then feel free to email me off list.

Well, thank you all for allowing me to share your experience and knowledge
regarding our beloved obsession.  Have a great day.

Dave   email: david@paltalk.com

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