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A. sp "Glasser"

Hi Group,
I just picked up a trio of these fish and I was curious if anyone knew
anymore about them?  They appear to be related to cacaqutoides as the
dorsal on the male is real elongated, and they also have the thicker
lips.  They're currently being acclimated, after they settle down, I'll
get a better description if needed.  So far, they're real nice little
fish (though I have a feeling nice won't be a word to describe them in
the future.)  They were real active in the bag, begging for food etc so
I'm hoping these will flourish.  Grabbed them a day or 2 after coming
into the country and they're fairly healthy, which is more than I can
say for most of the pandurini that were also in the store.  Thanks for
any info.

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