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Re: Mystery Apisto

Hi John,

No wonder you don't want to ship this time of year.  I'm a refugee from
Central NY myself, the tiny town of Verona.

Thanks for the ID tips, I used it to pick out a young male from the bunch at
my LFS.  He and the female have hit it off and I suspect will soon be
providing some fry.  Unfortunately, I due to tank limitations, I was forced
to trade the male steindachneri in.  Apartment life...


Hello Eric once again.

Well im not in sunny California but in the frozen tundra of the
Adirondack mts in Northern NY where spring time arrives in late April!!

If you look at that female you have , you will notice that she has jet
black pelvic fins, females almost always have jet black pelvic fins, my
males dont have the black markings there but are generally orange in
color or clear fins.   Also look for spiked 2nd and 3rd dorsal rays,
females dorsal fin should be nice and rounded all across the top.   If
your fish was big enough to see these characteristics in your female ,
the rest should be large enough to sex out a few males.    

Hope this helps you out.