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Re: sand

I've looked for just the right substrate for the past 10 or so years. Most
sand seemed too fine and lacked color. The larger aquarium gravels had good
color but food and fry could get lost in it.  A recent good compromise was
reptile sand, black and epoxy coated, mixed with horticultural sand. This
hort. sand is more coarse than the usual sand and the mixture was lighter
than just black.  The mixture was chemically inert and the apistos loved to
dig around in it. My favorite now is Carib Sea Peace River gravel. It is
inert, a nice medium brown in color and particle size about 2+ mm.
The fish can move it around and the color is pleasing, not too dark or too
Plants root well in it and food and fry stay on top. Problem is... hard to
find and expensive.

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