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Re: Albinos


I know I'm way behind the conversation (I only check my e-mail every
three days or so!) but I had to add my comments...

In some Mbuna the albino mutation was found to be present as a ressesive
gene in wild stocks that appeared in the first captive bred generation.
Why and how it was there is beyond me.
   As to why people (like me) like albinos... I think there are several
reasons. When they first show up, simple rarity makes them more
desireable (I'm sure you all know the rush to get a 'new' rare Apisto).
For me, I often prefer the wild type (I like wild-type brownish
goldfish--go figure), but for some reason I like albinos (even though I
often like black fish too)... it's the eyes. For some reason I like the
pink eyes. My favorite is the chocolate mollies that have black bodies
and pink eyes... hard to get a good contrast, but I like it. Just my


PS Here's a wierd fact about albinos: virtually all albino mutations are
recessive, but in Kribs the gene is (partially) dominant!

PPS I've been on here for some four months and this is only my second
post! The ultimate lurker!
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