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Bolivian Rams

Hello eveyone,

here goes my question (if it has been answered before sorry!)

How can i tell the sex difference between the bolivian rams, I have 6 of
them, one of the larger one has 'colored' up quite nicely (more intense
colors on his/her markings)
they're showing breeding signs (spreading fins 'waving' (i think there's
another word for this action but anyways) their fins at each other, i
believe they're 6 months old approx.  how can i tell if i don't have 6
males? or 6 females? and hope there is atleast one pair?

they're in my community tank (planted with high lighting and lots of
plantings) don't know if they'll breed in my tank (66 gallon) my friend's
(cory if he's still out there) bred in his 90 with lighting a bit lower than
my tank,

any suggestions? (apperciate it)

Max Gallade and Mike Wise u guys here? drop me a line

Raymond Wong

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