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Female Bolivian Rams Tubes? and discus question

Hello everybody,

for the bolivian rams does the female show/display something like a breeding
tube (don't know the proper name could someone please enlighten me?) like an
female angelfish when she's about to lay eggs?

I believe my female german rams did have a tube sticking out before she
bred, but i can't remember becuase that was quite a while ago

I also have another question about a bigger dwarf cichlid (hehe) the discus,
I seen some radical strains out there, are their offsrings fertile? another
words since i'm trading my plant cuttings (e.ozelot if anybody wants any msg
me) I'd like to trade for some nice looking discus, but i'm not too sure if
discus with man-made strains can breed? (and have fertile off springs) and
do the parents keep care of the fry as i've read on the net?

thanks everyone

Raymond Wong

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