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RE: Cacatoos question

Until recently they were 2 males and 3 females. They do not seem to spawn at
all, so it is not a problem of blanks in males (I saw it in one male
steindachneri and several male blue rams). Before that it was 1 pair and a
pair of borelii. Borelii would happily spawn, but they were larger and I
thought the problem was harrassing cacatoos. I removed boreliis, and -
I will try to remove 2 males with next water change and rising the


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Mike & Diane Wise [SMTP:apistowise@bewellnet.com]
> Lilia,
> This is very strange. Your pH (6) and hardness are fine, and the tank is
> easily
> large enough. The males may be "shooting blanks", but I've never heard of
> this
> problem in apistos. Triple Reds are, however, highly inbred. Your young
> angels
> are excellent predators on apisto fry, but I can't imagine that they could
> pick
> off every single fry. The only possible problems that I can see is that
> you could
> have too many males in the tank. They may be more interested in sparring
> with
> each other than breeding (unlikely). Remove 2 males and see what happens.
> Mike Wise

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