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water change in breeding tank?

Hello all,

My pair of rams spawned two days ago in an Eclipse System Six.  I immediately covered the front with black contact paper (the sides and back were already covered for aesthetic purposes) to make the pair feel more secure in hopes that they will rear the fry instead of eat them. 

The eggs hatched today and the parents are in fact moving the fry!  I am really delighted to have a pair of rams that will rear fry for me again. 

My question is this.  I normally do my water changes weekly and tomorrow is water change day.  Should I change the water in this tank where the fry are? 

I know that the fry are susceptible to water quality so I have a double dilemma facing me because the tiny tank holds a total of 10 fish (pair of rams, 5 emerald eye rasboras, 5 endler's livebearers).  Lots of plants and regular water changes in that tank helps me compensate for the overpopulation.  The filter is also off because I didn't want the fry to washed around and sucked up in the currents.  I'm afraid that my by not doing a water change, water quality could also take a dive.

Should I do a water change and alter the water quality or leave it alone and let it possibly go bad?  I'm not sure how much the tank's water parameters change with each water change or how much they change without one.  Any suggestions will be appreciated!


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