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Re: Suicidal pair

J. Miller wrote:

The tank they were in is a pretty hevily
planted tank, and I am
injecting CO2.  Is there an effiecient
way to add CO2 to the tank
without any power source to break up the


I inject CO2 into my heavily planted 10
gallon tank with a contraption that was
described in the CO2 section of the Krib
that uses left over UGF filter parts.
Here is a part of the description:

"it's an uplift tube from an undergravel
filter, but capped at BOTH
ends with the fish excluder/bubble
directors that usually are mounted on
the top.

At the bottom, you put a few larger
stones so that an airstone (connected
to the CO2 source) sits just above the
bottom bubble director cap.  Then
you fill the tube with coarse aquarium
gravel up to the 3/4 mark.  Cap the
assembly off with the other bubble
director and connect the airstone tubing
to the CO2 source. "

The rest of the post (a diagram
included) is under the heading of the
diffuser and reactor postings.   It
works really well for me since the tank
is small.  I grow a variety of plants in
it (didiplis diandra, baby's tears,
annubias nana, ambulia, crypts, ludwigia
repens, bacopa, etc.).  The only thing
is that the contraption is somewhat
noticeable unless you have a nice forest
of tall plants to hide it since it is
rather tall.  I tilt it to keep the CO2
from getting out too fast.  The plants
are growing fast enough that I need to
trim them back every two weeks (every
week for ambulia.)

Hope this helps.


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