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Re: your mail

on 2/28/01 1:13 PM, Erik Olson at erik@thekrib.com wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Yvan Alleau wrote:
>> hi everybody,
>> just wanted to share with you my first earthquake experience here in
>> Corvallis OR. The epicenter was in Tacoma near Seattle. Apparently a 6.2.
>> USGS site give some info.
>> Strange feeling that i never experienced in Europe.
>> have a nice and safe day!
> Imagine it from Seattle.  Kathy and I just finished draining, moving,
> drying and refilling the two big tanks we keep upstairs on the hardwood
> floors.  Luckily, all the tanks in the fishroom were OK, no fish harmed,
> just a little water sloshed around.  For me too, this is the first big
> quake since I started keeping fish.  Oh, and they're saying 6.5 now.
> - Erik
Glad you and Kathy are okay. I remember your fish room will from your kindly
allowing me to visit a couple of years ago.

I remember when a 5.4  (epicenter over the hill from us off Bolinas) hit
here just as I was changing water a couple of years ago. I had just anchored
my tanks to studs in the house a month earlier. Water sloshed about, but
nothing other than that. A good warning to all of us in earthquake
country... make sure your tanks are properly anchored.

Once again, glad to hear all is okay with you guys.
Daniel Gottsegen <dgotts@earthlink.net>

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