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Re: Diatom Bloom

Alan - Now THAT!!! is creative - good idea.  Thank you Jonathon for your input!  I didn't think it would be overly harmful.  Nice to know those little buggers can essentially keep the water clean?   I think part of the problem is not getting the excess food off the bottom when doing the water change - they have gravel on the bottom ( I prefer my pairs in natural environment and I simply removed the parents once they were wigglers) and because of the gravel, I can't see them very well, don't want to suck them up.  I have a very strong light on them and was slightly over feeding the parents because the male is old and blind - I wanted to make sure he could find the food.  This is what started that darn diatom bloom I think.  They were breeding in the diatom bloom.
Usually I suck out the babies with a turkey baster and put them in a clear bottom tank - but when it came time this time around - I couldn't find where the parents hid them - so I pulled the parents.  Babies are very happy playing in the moss and eating liqui-fresh for now. 

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> They can even get through the
>  pores of Aqua Clear sponge inserts wrapped around the filter intake.
>  Perhaps they think it is a labyrinth.

Yes, but their evil plans are thwarted by 15 denier stocking material held
away from the intake with a cylinder of plastic mesh and securely held at the
top with cable ties.

Alan W

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