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A.nijsseni sneaker male/Looking for A.sp."Rio Marmore" males(blue or red)

Anyone ever had a nijsseni sneaker male?I'm down to what I thought to be my 
last pair of A.nijsseni .I moved them into a species tank to breed them 
again.I gave them the special treatment for a month to incourage 
breeding.Nothing happened except for the fact that the female got bigger and 
she lost her side blotch.He/ she is over a year old ,never showed any 
typical nijsseni bright yellow breeding color and always had a dull grey 
I never heard of nijsseni sneaker males but I think I have one in my tank.
On another note:
I traded some fish for 6 A.sp.Rio Marmore and received them yesterday.
It looks like I got "lucky" and ended up with 6 fem.
Anybody want to trade some Marmore males for A.viejita II males?
Mine are young adults ,about 2".See picture 
Please e-mail me privately if you're interested in trading.
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