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another catastrophe type question OT

This concerns hoof and mouth disease in England.

A friend is arriving in Canada from England April 2.  He was intending to
bring along with him two styrofoam boxes of his own tropical fish.  I'm
going to have to contact Agriculture Canada if they'll let the fish in.  The
virus transports in the air and transports better in wetness.  Although he
doesn't live on a farm, he does live in a rural area but there's been no
disease in that part of the country.

I can see that the fish could be stopped from entry if the rules are really
strict.  I can also see that Ag. Can. would say 'fine, bring 'em in.  No
problem.  They don't have cloven hooves..' However the dog show in England
was canceled due to this virus and even though horses can't get the disease,
their movements have been curtailed.....

Anybody care to speculate if this is going to prove problematic because then
it's best to leave the fish behind on this trip.

All this disaster because someone decided that the disease was supposed to
have been eliminated, and the vaccine was 'too expensive'.   I don't know
where it originated this time.  Someone I know suggested it was brought in
from Africa.

Anway, just another potential problem for us fishkeepers that really has
nothing to do with us.  It's amazing how when one makes certain plans that
seem so basic and simple, something has to come along to throw a wrench in
the works.  Even just the fact that it's the week-end and no one will answer
the phones is annoying.  What's further annoying is chances are I'll enter
'voice-mail hell' on Monday morning and it's anyone's guess when I'll
finally get a 'live body' on the other end of the line.

Just letting off some steam.....

Gabriella Kadar
Toronto, Canada

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