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Re: another catastrophe type question OT

Hi Yvan,

Hoof and Mouth disease.... (or in my case 'Foot In Mouth Disease' - that
seems to happen on occasion. :) )

Anyway, miraculously I managed to speak with the chief inspector for Animal
Health, Agriculture Canada at Pearson International Airport and was informed
that tropical fish coming from the U.K. are alright for now.  Not the same
for any food fish raised in outdoor ponds.  But ornamental fish kept indoors
where the water source is the tap and chlorinated water, are alright.
However, I was told to check again nearer to flight time because the virus
does travel well in water.

Little, picayune details perhaps for some, but I'd be really upset if fish
like the Acanthicus adonis (yes Pete, he's immigrating...what the heck) are

Gabriella  (possessed of a goofy grin....)

>sorry for that but, what do you mean by Foot and Mouth disease? Is that
>related to the problems with deseases in European cows?

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