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clamped fins

Hello all,
	My female "Breitbinden" is swimming around today with her fins clamped. I
can't see any signs of ick or velvet disease, and she is scratching. No
other fish in tank are showing signs of illness or stress. I tested the
water and there is no ammonia or nitrite. Other than the clamped fins she
seems fine.
	I was wondering if this could be some form of her showing subordination to
the male? The male was chasing her around a few days ago, and he isn't now.
The last few days she seems to spend about half her time hiding in this fake
rock structure, and the other half swimming around looking for food. I
thought maybe she had eggs, but I don't see any eggs, and she keeps hiding
in different spots in the rock structure. She does chase the dither fish a
little, but it is just a general chase, she isn't keeping them away from any
area in particular. When she chases the fish she does have her fins out, but
as soon as she breaks off the chase she clamps them back down.
	Is she just getting ready to spawn, or is she sick? This is the only pair I
have so I don't want to lose her!


Eric Martina
University of Illinois
Electrical Engineering

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