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Re: Medications and peat moss..

This how I builtthe filters:

1, Take a lenght of pvc pipe(3 or 4 inch dia. and the length you desire).

2, cut to your desired length and then clean both inside and outside with
alcohol to remove any contaminents.

3,Then use a fitting(2 needed) that has a female end that fits over pipe and
on the other end it has a inside thread that takes a male plug that is
threaded . silcone the end of the fitting to each end of pipe. I forgot what
the fiiting was called...but they are at lowes or home depot.

4,Then you need to get 2 nylon fiitings that are threaded on one end and has
a barbed end to except 1/2 inch I.D. plactic hose as used in canister
filters..Then drill a hole in the plug (there is a square on the top of plug
for removal by a wrench) I used a wood speed bit to make hole..then silicone
fitting into hole..it is usally a tight fit..do both ends this way..

5, Let sit overnite to complete the curing of the silicone...use aquarium
grade silicone or equivilent..none with mildew inhibitors in it..

 6, to load filter. put filter floss in first..then your peat moss then top
it off with more floss..so now you have floss at both ends and peat in the
middle..you can also use carbon or sponges from fluval..put ant thing you
want...I use a powerhead with a prefilter to run this...

make these any length you want for the application needed or tank size....

Then end result after built should look like a uv filter...or an enlarged
filter that goes on your water inlet on your refridgerator water supply.

This filter really works fine....my apisto's love the water after I run
this..color up nice...nice brown gold water

 Now if I can find the resin used in the DI filters in bulk I can make tap
water purifiers and then regenarate the resin....

The project I am working on now is a spin cleaner for sponge filters the
spin clean them with a electric drill ..Let you know how this works out...

Any questions e-mail me  alsmith1@mindspring.com

Al Smith

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