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Re: Answer for Dave and lots of babble


Bonny wrote,

Anyone know
> where I can get dphnia culture? (thank you
Martha for the advise!).

I just got Daphnia magna and Daphnia pulex from
two on-line sources (Carolina Biology Supply and
LFS Cultures.)

I accidentally killed my first batch from LFS
Cultures by not acclimating them into new water
slowly (or the water that I used was not treated
properly for them - they do not tolerate most of
the dechlorinators.).  I obtained another batch
from them and they are doing well.  LFS Cultures
sends them in green water (their food) whereas
Carolina Biology Supply sends them in clear spring
water.  Those from Carolina Biology Supply arrived
in two days and they are doing great, too.  I am
using a bottled spring water and acclimating them
slowly this time.

I hope this helps.


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