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Answer for Dave and lots of babble

Opps - Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this question!  No excuse 
really, just playing through a lot of email  :-)

My RO/DIO unit is a Kent Maxima Hi S 60 gallon/day rate.  I paid $250 online 
which I think is a deal since I saw it in the LFS for $400.00.  Opps - but 
that isn't your question.  TDS 0 - literally.  I was having some difficutly 
at first stabalizing the water and getting a buffer in there and watching my 
ph level.  Tried mixing with tap water but my tap is SOOOOO hard and ph like 
somewhere around 8.5 - the water could never stabalize - or at least I was 
just too impatient to find the right percentage of mix between tap and my 
RO/DIO water.  RO right didn't quite cut it - at all!  Seachem Equilibrium 
is the best!!!!!  Now things are running smoothly in all my tanks (except 
for that single cell diatom bloom in one of my baby tanks!).  Anyone know 
where I can get dphnia culture? (thank you Martha for the advise!).

Oh - and John - how do I get an order of that Blue stuff?

Bonny (Ms. Talk-a-lot-tonight - just tell me to shut-up, I don't get 
offended easily - at least not most of the time during the month ;-) )

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