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Re: Finally!!!!!!

In a message dated 10/03/01 05:39:54 GMT Standard Time, BigJohnW@webtv.net 

> But back to the fish,   i did massive water changes last week, about 80%
>  and then fed heavy this week with live brine shrimp and frozen blood
>  worms, maybe thats the key??

I use a pretty similar regime to get dwarf cichlids to spawn - feed plenty of 
frozen bloodworm and frozen BBS for 10 days without a water change, then do a 
big 50-60% change (after standing, my tapwater is pH 5.8, DH < 0.25, zero 
nitrite) and hey presto, they spawn.  The only problem is lack of tanks for 
growing fry on.

Alan W

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