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Re: Finally!!!!!!

Mike J

Sorry i didnt dump any blue goop in my tanks, i drank that stuff long
time ago, supply ran out in July in Cleveland, Maybe Mike Schadle will
bring more this year to New Jersey, I'm gonna be there for 4 full days
this year!!  woohoo imagine what the hospitality room will look like
there !!!

Now that blue stuff came in large 8 inch test tubes that had a 1 inch
diameter, stuff looked like windshield wash fluid and tasted pretty
close.    But after 8 or 10 of them who cared!!

This year i refuse to do late night drinking with people from Indiana
unless its my drink of choice, which would be Zambuca!!

But back to the fish,   i did massive water changes last week, about 80%
and then fed heavy this week with live brine shrimp and frozen blood
worms, maybe thats the key??
Or could it just be large water changes with very extreme barometer
changes due to such nasty weather this week???    Either way I'm not

Tundra John

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