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Re: Many spawns!!!

The papagei spawned in a clay pot. They courted for about three months the female was very yellow for the whole time the only other thing I did different besides the water changes wasI put a peice of paper between them and the tank next to them Maby the male was distracted by the trifaciata in the tank next door?? the water was very soft 20 to 30 ppm, ph around 6 and two large water changes in one week about 80% hope this helps. I have had the fish since last october and this is the first time they spawned.
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Subject: RE: Many spawns!!!

    I have a pair of papagei that I have been trying to get to spawn. The female is very bright, and there is courting going on, but no spawning. What did yours spawn in? (clay pot, PVC, etc) And what are your water conditions? Thanks a lot!
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Subject: Many spawns!!!

Hello all
After reading the posts about everyone latest spawns I have to get in on it too. My pelvachromis t wouri finally spawned after I got them in a tank with gravel. I have wild latecara sp. purple/yellow wigglers, apisto tripple red fry, orange flash fry, cacatoides red/gold fry, apisto cf. pebas fry blue ram fry, wild apisto papagei fry, several pairs of  nanacara anomala with fry, also the apisto trifaciata red and last but not least the borelli three females are sharing fry. wow I dont know what happened I havent done anything different except a few larger than normal water changes about three weeks ago I guess that did It!! Time to build more tank stands.