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Anyone have pics of....

Hello Everyone

Ok, with the NEC coming up next weekend, I plan on picking up some new
species to me.   I was wondering if anyone has pics or can tell me what
the following species look like. 

Apisto sp "Rio Corrientes"
Apisto sp Maulbruter
Apisto sp "Rio Nanay"

Im already going to pick up the Cara Pinta or Masken, which ever you
prefer to call it, along with Cf Pebas.    I am pretty sure i'll nab the
Maulbruter just because of its spawning/rearing methods , irregardless
of what it looks like.

Also is anyone working with Sp Miua, I've seen the pics Julio has up on
his page, but dont know anything about how difficult a fish it is to
work with.   Any special requirements??   This looks like a neat little
fish and i'd like to know more about it before splurging for them.   

Thanks for any help

See you all in Hartford if you are going!!

Tundra John

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