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weird behaviour dept.

Watching the female agassizi more closely showed how the apistos have come
to copy the keyhole display behaviour. She was trying to engage a keyhole in
more conventional apisto way -coming up alongside with each fish facing the
opposite way, and then backing the other fish up (so dominant fish swimming
in reverse). The keyhole not interested and just swam off. So for the apisto
to engage the keyhole, she had to come head to head and swim forwards in the
keyhole fashion.

Thus the keyholes are shaping up the apisto behaviour by refusing to engage
unless the apistos approach in familiar way. As the apistos are so keen to
get involved, they end up having to do it the keyhole way otherwise the
keyholes just buzz off.

Tom asked for more tank details - its a four foot, heavily planted, with
rummies, ottos and pencils. The keyholes are half grown, probably three
males, one female, and have not spawned or paired off as far as I know.

from John McCrone

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