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Re: Polygamic A. pertensis !!?

Hi Max!

I've seen this in A. nijsseni as well. The male spawned with 
two females but he only "helped" one of them, the other had 
to do it all by herself. The pertensis male is however really
helping both females as much as he can. The females are also
stealing fry from each other.


Max Gallade wrote:
> Fredrik,
> I've seen this behavior in my wildcaught A.nijsseni male.I had a trio in a
> larger tank(75g).My male spawned with his favorite female first and helped
> her raising the fry.After the fry were about a week old another batch of fry
> showed up in a corner of the tank.My male didn't help the other female at
> all raising her fry.He just went over to her corner once in a while,checked
> things out and then straight back to his favorite female.It was really fun
> to watch.
> Max

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