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Re: Fish ID

I am brand new to the list but I have 2 female A. mamore that looks a lot like him .  Rik Vandiver

Eric Martina wrote:

Hello all. I finally got some pictures up of the fish I bought a while ago
that the LFS called an Apistogramma panser, I think I mentioned it to the
group. He isn't full grown yet, but I think he has most of his color now. I
don't think his caudal fin is spade enough to be an agassizii, so I think he
is pulchra. Does anyone agree, disagree? I have never seen an A. pulchra
before, I am just going off of the pictures in my Aqualog. So if anyone can
give me a positive ID I would greatly appreciate it! The pictures are at:


P.S. Does anyone have a female for him that they would be willing to trade,

Eric Martina
University of Illinois
Electrical Engineering

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