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RE: Ph meters

More to the point, who has one that lasts.  In the last year I have tried both
the Hannah pHel meter from Hannah Instruments and the PINPOINT pH meter from
American Marine.  Both were way too delicate for my 300 lb touch, so I am back
to liquid kits.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a sturdy pH meter.  IMHO, .01 accuracy is
not necessary.  A sturdy unit that reads .1 accuracy would be just fine for me.

All cements welcome.

On 24-Mar-01 Kim Rogers or Steve Hatfield wrote:
> Hello all
> My PH meter has died, Who has the best price on ph meters???
> Thanks Steve

E-Mail: John N. Alegre <listhub@libros.andante.mn.org>
Date: 24-Mar-01
Time: 10:23:49

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