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Re: Ph meters and kits

I've been using a couple of Tunze pH meters (they're really 
controllers) for the past six months and they've stood up to all sorts 
of abuse;-), they just keep ticking away. The only real problem is that 
the probes can be a little delicate (this is by nature, you can't 
really make them much stronger). I've been very happy with mine, even 
though it's about double the cost of a Hannah meter. I'm thinking of 
putting in one of the professional pH controllers that Hannah sell into 
my next house/fish room. These go from 5-20 times the price of a basic 
meter, but they allow multi-tasking/multi controlling ;-), really 
serious stuff, but beautifully made.
As far as kits are concerned, I use aquarium pharmaceuticals' kit, what 
do you lot all use?


> More to the point, who has one that lasts.  In the last year I 
> have tried both
> the Hannah pHel meter from Hannah Instruments and the PINPOINT pH 
> meter from
> American Marine

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