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Re: good fish store ?


Neil and some other local breeders created apistogramma.com.
Most of the apistos they have are kept in tanks at his house. I
was lucky enough to get to peruse his fishroom a few months
back. He has a $100 minimum for fish, but its easy to spend
that much when you see his fish.  Try emailing him at
gnlill@aol.com.  I'm fairly sure he still sells to the public.


> hi christine,
> is Neil an apistoholic like us or does he own a store?
> thanks for your advise about stores.
> And thanks to all of you who gave me some stores adresses.
> take care
>                         FLI USA
> Yvan Alleau
> 712 Kings boulevard
> 97330 Corvallis, Oregon
> home # 738-0606
> College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
> Oregon State University
> office (Burt 222) # 737-3649, to be used wisely !
> yalleau@oce.orst.edu
> "When you're far from everything, you're getting closer to the essential"

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