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Considering these apistos and I'm New!

Hi Guys, I was just reading some stuff on the Krib and found this list.
I'm sure I'll learn a lot here!  Anyways, my name is Lianne and I've
been keeping fish for 1.5 years.  Right now I have a 20 gallon with 3
Neolamprologous brichardi and 3 tiger barbs, medium planted, and a 10
gallon with 5 Corydoras hastatus, planted, driftwood.  I'd like to add
some apistos to the 10 gal (along with flower pots for caves, of
course).  I've kept Rams before and not had much luck, but I really do
like the South American cichlids.  I was at my LFS today interviewing
for a job and was checking out what they have, could you guys give me
some input on these fish and if the prices are fair?

A. hongsloi - $24.99
A. macmasteri - $19.99
A. agasizzi double red - $16.99
A. nijisenni - $17.99
A. panduro - $19.99
A. borellii - $9.99 or 3 for 25.99